Model: (Click to see more) 49348: TB-02R Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 20-Jan-2020
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For me it has all started with an accidental buy from ebay, a damaged TB-02 chassis that has made me a Tamiya addict :-). I had it for a while but unfortunately have sold it. The ' R' version was always on my wish list and it actually has started its life as a normal TB-02 with only a few updates. I have bought almost every available hop-up to build my own TB-02R. This one is definitely my all time favorite and a keeper. I could easily have bought a newer TRF for the amount that I spent to build it but I don't mind - I love it !

Hop ups:
Teflon sealed Bearings
Titanium Screws
Surikarn Damper Stays
Titanium Turnbuckles
TB02/TB-05 Reversible Lightweight Suspension Set (carbon reinforced)
Reinforced Diff Joints
Blue alloy upper arm mount set
Blue alloy motor mount
TB-EVO 3 lightweight propeller shaft
Blue alloy racing steering
Blue alloy ball nuts
Blue alloy ball connectors
Blue alloy 46mm rear universal shafts
Steel 46mm front universal shafts
TB-02R stabilizer set
Carbon body mount set
Suspension mount A - E
Alloy servo mount
6mm Alloy Wheel Adapter
carbon center plate
TB02R Carbon Parts
Reinforced 55T spur gear
Super Stock type BZ

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