Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Restored
Date: 27-Aug-2003
Comments: 1
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This was my first 4wd car. I bought it off the bay for $70.00US. Thought I was getting a good deal. It was missing a lot of parts that were supposed to be there. It had an Epic motor and no speed control. The bushings were worn out and it was covered in grease and dirt. It was also missing the roof, front stabilizer support and a host of other things. I found a NIP speed control, and thanks to Jim Sourbeck and Anthony at Airxtreme, I have most of what I need to finish. I ordered 2 antenae from Santosh, because I have another one to do. I have put in a Sport Tuned motor instead of the Epic, and about have the speed control/radio set-up ready. It has taken 3 solid days to get it cleaned. I don't think anyone who hasn't done a restoration knows what it takes to do it right. I still need a decal sheet to finish her up. These 2 are stock, note that the decals are on the inside and painted over. The hotrod Hotshot will get it's own write up.

Just out of the shipping box In pieces This is the final product. Much cash and sweat! Close up of Crash, note net in window. This is the Sport Tuned detail. Kyosho is quicker! This car is totally stock. Home made decals.


Crash Cramer


WOW, what a blast from the past. No wonder you and I talk so well, your first post was of a HotShot.

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