Model: (Click to see more) 58177: TA03-F Pro Belt Drive Chassis
Status: Project
Date: 30-Jan-2020
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The first touring car I chassis I ever raced at club level was a plastic chassis TA03F, which a mate gave me after he'd bashed it around a car park for weeks. Even at my first meeting at the small indoor club with the car I realised that I'd 'bought a knife to a gun fight'. The Yokomo YR4's that most of the other drivers were using at the time were lapping me more times than I care to remember. To be fair it wasn't just that the car was outclassed, I was rubbish as well. I soldiered on with the TA03 for a couple more months until I bought an HPI Pro2 chassis off another club member, it was a great car. The TA03 was sold or traded at some point in the past and I made a conscious effort to forget all about the experience of trying to race one.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I spotted this Pro model for sale and I thought I'd like to try racing an TA03 at this years Iconic Cup meetings. A few button presses later and this much hopped up car was mine. All it needs is a clean up and some electronics installed.

What are you experiences of running a TA03? Am I being too harsh about its' abilities?

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I raced a TA03 in the Dutch Tamiya Euro Cup. I raced the 58200 David Jim kit. First in Front engine setup and later on in a mid-rear engine setup. That setup was much more effective for me and easier to drive. I drove up the top 10 ranks. But that was with Tamiya only competitors.... so I have no comparison how the TA03 managed to withstand HPI and Yokomo racers. Someone who did was David Jun. The Tamiya driver who outclassed all others with a TA03. The following link brings you to the David Jun tribute page. Read it and you find out the TA03 isn’t that bad at all.
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Nice, looks like it has all the hop-up parts like David Jun version. I used to have DJ version and raced with a friend just for fun but I lost to his Yokomo every time.. we both are rookies and use our cars for bashing around. I think you need fully belted drive like TA07MS or TRF xxxx to compete with others.



Mr.Nismo - Thanks for recalling your experiences competing with the TA03, you're obviously a much better driver than I'll ever be. I've now got a rear motor TA03 that I'm going to swap the hop ups from this car onto and race at the Iconic Cup. The front motor configuration used to be popular with the drift guys before dedicated drift chassis became available but I'm not keen on trying to race one around a track.

JYCM3 - Thanks for your comments. I used to have a David Jun version to but I sold it years ago (and regretted it almost straight away). I agree belted cars are more efficient than the TA03 but I like the idea of racing a not particularly competitive car for the Iconic Cup, I think it's more in the spirit of the race series

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