Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 31-Jan-2020
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15 years ago I bought two scratty, half dead Optima Mids from Ebay to restore my original 1988. I did a half assed job on that original resto back then, before getting the bug hard again a year or two ago. So here, then, is the last of the Mids I' ve made from those three. This one is mostly original - the drivetrain is all Kyosho (the others have Thorp bits), the ESC is my original MC 111B, the Servo is a Futaba 3003. I did spring for a new (to me) vintage Futaba Tx and Rx, as my old ones totally bit the dust, but I kept them more or less of the same era. And as I only had one set of original shocks, these are xtraspeed ones. They work beautifully, though, and look like the originals with a slight suntan ;-) Hotshot wheels and tyres, mostly because I had them, they're what I used to run (those tyres are amazing for multi-surface bashing), and - er - I've lost one of my original Mid wheels. Anyway - hope you like it!

15 I think the Hotshot wheels rather suit it :-) 14 6 17

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Very nice!

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