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Date: 9-Feb-2020
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From my archive. Purchased March 2013. These are Tamiya Beatties Display TA03F clear plastic parts: gearbox and damper mount F & R, wheels, dampers, heat sink etc,. They were created at the time when the TA03 Pro was first introduced to display the models in hobby shops and show the inner workings. These are incredibly rare therefore - never released by Tamiya as a retail item, just provided to hobby stores. OCD has a set in his showroom which are still on the parts trees, and some good quality pictures too.

208 144 Poor quality pic in original packs 53 And then I found a better one..




OCD’s showroom entry: [Click here]



Great write-up and thank you for the props! You inspired me to do a little refreshing on my entry to reflect my current thoughts on the matter. I'm really glad you managed to capture a photo of the bagged example with the header card. This was somewhat of a revelation to me since the cards are not Tamiya branded. The mystery continues!

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