Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: Project
Date: 9-Feb-2020
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I picked this up off eBay recently, mainly because I wanted the clutch bell and associated parts. However, it's in pretty good condition overall, albeit missing some parts, so I'm going to try to source the bits needed, strip and re-build, and use this with a MRE (stands for Model Racing Equipment) TA01 Nitro conversion which I bought recently from Japan. The MRE is a new build, and came complete with original TA01 front and rear gearboxes. It looks like it's been built from a 58113 Schnitzer BMW M3, judging by the wheels. I've had one of these MRE conversions before, sourced for me by acprc back in 2014 after I'd seen one in his showroom built up. Gotta love these unusual builds.

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Looking forward to seeing this done. Surely a replica of that Konig Pilsner Merc is the body to have?



Super project, i will look forward too. Seems to be a good engine too



Thanks guys My start point is to get the engine sorted, then I'll strip down the chassis, clean and rebuild to include fitting radio gear so it's good to go. As for a body, that'll get left until later though it would be nice to replicate the Konig Merc in the advert above if I can find wheels and body. Current thoughts are to use the merc bodyshell I've got as part of a new built TG10-Pro 49172 I bought recently, which could fit. More (probably much) later!

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