Model: (Click to see more) 58064: Toyota Celica 4WD
Status: NIB
Date: 11-Feb-2020
Comments: 3
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Another Timcapsule in 4WD
Did anybody drove it? How does it felt ?

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If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Porsche 959 in excellent MINT Condition




Everybody was into the Porsche back in the days but i always preferred the look of the Toyota. Never owned or driven one to my regret. Everyone owning this chassis gave up on it after a while, to fragil and to costly replacements and a pain to work on compared to other Tamiya's.



I had one back in the day. I preffered it to the Porker. Drove it on all sorts of surfaces including sand. Twas a bit delicate though. Sold it and bought the later model Celica, which I didnt enjoy as much.


Had a Holiday Buggy. Progressed to Hotshot then onto this Celica.
I did have a choice of the Celica or Porsche 959. The reason why I opted for the Celica was the extra bumper fitting to front. This is not shown on the box. It helped with front impact. The only trouble with this Kit, it was never as forgiving as the Hotshot. If you took the car on grass the front suspension arms would crack. It was a fast car with the Technigold motor but had more fun with the Hotshot fitted with the Endurance motor,


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