Model: (Click to see more) 99947: Mugen
Status: Restored
Date: 9-Mar-2020
Comments: 7
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Very rare and very cool 1:10 buggy.

I just had to have one of these when I got the chance to buy it from Paul Grove in the UK.

I wanted a 'caged' car in my collection. And I do like 4WD cars - they are so much more over engineered from the 80s vs the 2WD cars. This one even has 4 wheel drive steering like the Kyosho Progress.

Introduced by Mugen circa 1985, the Four Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Steer Bulldog AWDS buggy, is belt driven, on a fabricated alloy plate and plastic chassis, with three ball differentials, front and rear mono air dampers, anti roll bars, dogbone drive-shafts and came with a roll cage, mechanical speed controller and 540 motor.

I've never seen mono AIR dampers on any car before. And they are HUUUUUGE!

I only need to do a light refurb on this one and paint the driver figure.

Thx for looking and comments are always welcome!

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I would absolutely love one of these they are so odd weird almost ugly well yeah ugly!!!BUT.....l can't help be totally damn fascinated by them!
Nice find mate, question what does that air suspension feel like? intrigued!! So cool!!



This seems like it was ahead of its time, cool car!



Thx guys! Well - to explain in a simple way: I think there is a reason why we don't see air suspension on cars today...

SRB Bloke


Nice, very nice !!!! when you paint that driver, do the tyre lettering



Thx! Yeah, good point SRB Bloke - I'll do that!



Not good dampers full stop then! but still look very interesting Haha!



Yeah these guys (Mugen BullDog) are like 1/10th scalers on Steroids, everything seems beefy on them . I love everything about this car, the innovational designs that's unique to the car is simply awesome, and what about that roll cage body design?

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