Model: (Click to see more) 58186: PIAA Accord VTEC
Status: New built
Date: 24-Mar-2020
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Yet another project finished. The body was a rerelease body and most of the decals were sourced from the sales forum on tamiyaclub. The missing decals were made by trucknorris cheers buddy. It's still not perfect as the front light decals are not identical to the originals. I could try and make them look like the originals but for now its staying as it is. The wheels I stole from my focus and gave them a quick refurb. It all sits on a standard chassis which only has a steering servo as it will never be used.

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Your touringcar collection is simply amazing! like this Honda. I remember my friend buying it, painting it AND destroying it the same day. aaah, good times. Maybe post a pic of your collection one day. Bet it is stunning to see!



Thank you. I do need to get them all out for a group picture.



Very nice mate.

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