Model: (Click to see more) 58418: The Boomerang
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Mar-2020
Comments: 4
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The kit came to me as my 40th birthday present and was built to be my runner for the Castle Hill Vintage festival in their first Hotshot class.
From the moment I put it on the track its been my favorite. It's been run at every festival since I've been to and has pulled TQ a couple of times.
When I built my little track in the bush, it was my first choice to test it out. Better still, the camera loves it.
I've had to strip it down twice in the last 10 years but I've had very few breakages.

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Yeah this buggy is special l totally understand why you love it so much! as you can tell by my link above l had a pretty special relationship with this buggy too! You have some great shots of your Boomer and it's great to build a history with a tamiya car and to have it in pictures is even sweeter! True also about the durability they are pretty damn solid and reliable plus nimble and quick! Damn l would love to go racing again in one of these vintage meets! The Boomerang is as much a 4WD classic as the Legendary HotShot in my opinion! Great stuff.
Thanks for sharing.
Stay safe buddy.



Awesome.....great shots!!

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