Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: New built
Date: 7-Apr-2020
Comments: 6
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Hi all,
Very excited to be sharing these pics with you all and adding #1 to my showroom. I've actually had it for a little while, thanks to a TC member for parting with it.
As you can see, it's in pretty nice condition, although the green is unpainted.
Not 100% sure what I'll do with it, maybe a full resto to box-art or even the correct Vaillant green.
In the meantime I'll just keep admiring it on display.
Thanks for looking!!

7 5 5 2 5 Original MSC, unpainted driver 7 Don't think it has ever been run 8 Nice set of oldies




Those 4 classics together is just awesome. As is the 934. Or it has been restored by NIP parts or it never drove. Great find!



I can see why you are excited what a cracker!!



I would keep it as it is. It is beautiful. It has been nicely painted back in the day.
The Countach is nice too. I am still looking for a CS chassis.



A Beauty.... unestley one of the best Kits ever.... and in stunning original Condition. I love my 934 Vaillant green but I always see how I’m in love with the original Tamiya green RSR. I would leaf it like it is, in original Vintage style.... a real Beauty..... he looks fantastic do not touch.
Ok and her the German Vote ( in Honor of the Eurovision Song Contest)
12 Points goes to Australia



Thanks guys for the awesome comments!




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