Model: (Click to see more) 58518: Super Clod Buster
Status: Project
Date: 8-Apr-2020
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Back in 1987 when this truck hit the scene, I was too busy racing Frog, Monster Beetle and the Blackfoot at my local outdoor track plus I couldn't afford one. Now that I have recreated my favorite Tamiya collections, I have included this one. With a few tweaks it's really an amazing model R/C truck. I ditched the original shocks for some aluminum oil dampening ones mounted on aluminum high-rise extenders. Shocks are filled with 25 weight oil, four Associated soft Black springs on the leading shocks and 4 Traxxas soft red springs on the trailing shocks, This make the truck well supported and still nice and flexible. The steering system out of the box was a bit flimsy so I installed vertical axle steering servos front and rear, wired them to operate from the same receiver plug position using a 'Y' adapter I soldered together. As you may notice the front servo arm is vertical up and the rear servo arm is vertical down to get the proper steering effect. I installed custom foam in the tires to reduce bounce and let the shock dampers do their job. The roll bar is fitted with 5 operating spot lights in addition to the headlights. Control is with a micro switch in the bed connected to a pattern sequencer box under the hood powered through the receiver channel 3. Sun visor and side rear view mirrors was added to enhance realism. Tamiya supposedly had a falling out with Chevrolet in 1990 so I had to provide my own laser cut aluminum chevy emblem on the grill and name on the tailgate. My kit did not come with chrome suspension bars so I added them also. I'm told some kits came with these bars already chromed. Oh well. I really did enjoy this 2 year project. Got a great deal of it finished during this Kovid-19 self isolation. Now on to some other project after I replace the white tie straps on the roll-bar with little black ones.

2 View showing tail gate emblem. 4 I went with only 4X4 to indicate 4WD & 4W steering 1 Front vertical mounted steering servo 2 Shock spring configuration 3 Showing the chrome suspension arms 1 Two toned paint inspired by box art. 1 Light switch in the bed 1 High-rise shock adapters give a lofty stance 1 Tekno decals just seem to match the paint 2 1 1 1




That’s a great looking truck!






VERY nice!

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