Model: (Click to see more) 58227: TAO3R TRF Special Chassis Kit (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: NIB
Date: 10-Apr-2020
Comments: 7
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Purchased March 2020 from Yahoo Japan auction site. It arrived in the UK a few days ago and I've just opened it up today. All looks to be complete and in A1 condition, including the box - great! This is the third one of these kits I've owned over the years, and despite there being many additional hop up parts available on top of what's already in the kit, rather than seek those out as I've done before, I'll keep things simple this time and just add a set of the 53325 Aluminum knuckle arms, as luckily I have a couple of packs of these. If I can find a period-correct 53263 Dyna-Run Super Touring Motor in like new condition, I'll add that as well (edit Oct 2020 - found one, as pictured).

The TA03 comes from my favourite era of Tamiya kits (i.e. TA01&2/TG10 MkI/TGX period). I just really like the look and complexity of these kits and the hop up parts, the boxart from this era, and generally the way everything was engineered back then. Comments welcome as ever! Edit Jan 2023: found an interesting magazine review of this kit from when it was released - see last image and I've added a web link to the original article in one of the comments.

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I agree, they really put some effort into the boxes. Great find and nice addition to the collection.






Great looking car.



Nice work, made it into your showroom at lighting speed! Love this kit and one of the highlights for me is the introduction of TRF kit-exclusive anodized parts. Prior to this we only saw the blue anodized heatsink that was exclusive to the 58151 Calsonic Primera 'limited' kit. I always thought it was a stroke of genius that Tamiya opted for gold anodizing with the very first of their TRF offerings. It looked like a champion right out of the box!



TA03 dual motor modification: [Click here]



Direct link to the review article pictured above: [Click here]



Thanks for article! Interesting read.

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