Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 13-Apr-2020
Comments: 5
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Restored September 2019.
Because of the Kyosho Ultima re release hitting the shelves i thought i should restore my original 1986 Ultima to an presentable standard. I tore it apart, cleaned everything, substituted worn or broken parts and topped it off with a body i bought years ago from tc member gerolf on here.

7 3 Classic buggy look 3 1 Kyosho LeMans 480S motor 4 Its not a 'better than new' restoration, 2 I like it when you can see that the car 2 was used as intended 3 Tekin TSC 610-R, a Ultima should have a red Tekin Radio plate is the frp one from the Turbo Ultima 2 Robbe version of the Futaba Magnum Junior FP-T2PKA 2 How i got it 2




Love everything, the car, the esc, the radio and the restoration itself!



Hi - what decals did you use for this? I recently did mine with the genuine decals available, and they are as expected (like the ones it had when you got it) but they don't match the box art. Your ones do match the box art... is it a different part number for that set of decals vs the other one? I like both but I'm definitely curious.



Looks awesome, I love these type of rebuilds, where most of the original parts are kept, looks like the car is old but very good condition rather than just a new built look



Very nice original Ultima. Recently build the rere and it is an absolute pleasure to built. Not original though.



Thanks for the kind comments, very appreciated.

@beefmuffin: i know late answer, the 'decals' are painted, only the writings are stickers

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