Model: (Click to see more) 58163: Rover Mini Cooper Rally
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Apr-2020
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For some reason, Tamiya never released the Mini Cooper 94 Monte-Carlo as a kit on the M-03 chassis, only as an XB model. But there is nothing stopping you from making your own! Taking the bodyset from the 58483 M-05 version and combining it with a M-03 chassis built by fitting the suspension and drivetrain parts from a 58383 M-04L to a set of 50792 A parts resulted in a lovely little model that runs superbly on a proper black Sport Tuned motor.

The chassis also has bearings and a steel pinion obviously, as well as some generic silver alloy shocks rebuilt with Tamiya seals and diaphragms which visually complement the Tamiya M-03 heatsink/counterweight. Given that it is only connected to the motor via the mounting screws, I am not sure how effective it is at heat dissipation, but it does offset the asymmetrical weight distribution inherent in the motor placement, so I think it has a place.

The chassis also uses M-05 battery holders, as these give a measure of protection to the ends of the battery which is not provided by the standard items.

The shell turned out really well I think, and given its rarity these days I don't like to run it, so for running duties the chassis wears a cheap Matrixline shell that is not as pretty but is far easier and cheaper to replace.

11 Front view 8 Rear view 13 Just the chassis 10 Runner body and wheels

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Gorgeous! And in far better condition than my XB version!



They are great looking cars, its a shame Tamiya don't produce them anymore

HornetRacer 1971


Stunning...I have this as a NIB.......



Looks great. Neat idea using the M-05 battery holders.



Yep I love these Monte Carlo’s, so awesome



Can beat a Monte Carlo Mini ??

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