Model: (Click to see more) 57796: Super Levant
Status: Runner
Date: 23-Apr-2020
Comments: 3
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This is my new XB that's now not.
I bought the Levant last week as was happy with the way it's set up.
The super version has a longer not TB01 chassis and a nicer body.
I've removed the tamiya running gear as I'll install my own and sell the tamiya stuff.
The only cosmetic change at the moment is the wheels and tires but there is much more to change before it runs.
Big update on the Super levant.
DF03 alloy dampers
3Racing front UJ's
Tamiya DF02 rear UJ's
10.5 motor and Xcar speedo.
High torque servo and saver.
TB01 GPM steering.
Rear wing LOL, the truck is so fast so when it does flip it's got some speed and so the rear wing and mount snapped off. I cut the rear section out around the hole and used the normal levant rear body mount to fit an old wing I had. It actually works a little bit.

21 24 22 20 23 21 17 10 17 9 15 10 The difference between the 2 Levants




Very nice indeed!



those wheels are a fantastic fit, can you share the brand?



Isomer1 The wheels are made by Acme, sold buy Nitrotek. I get them from Terry who works there at a great price.

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