Model: (Click to see more) 58085: Avante 2001
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Apr-2020
Comments: 7
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Long time no update on this project, although I was using time to collect parts, stuff and ideas. With the rerelease of the Avante 2001 bodyset I made one in boxart, but still only had 2 original white wheels. Three years ago, I found on local advertising a battered 2001 for 80        bucks, which had a seemingly o.k. body and silver sprayed wheels. Bought it, and was surprised: Under all that dirt it was even in better condition than my first 2001, despite some broken parts. Hours and hours of sokaing the original white wheels and scrubbing finally succeeded in bringing the paint off. But this wheels took so much work, that they will go with the new bodyset as a shelfer 2001, which has still to be fully assembled. So back to the runner, last year TBG and MCI had to spend a new bodyset for bashing, undertray was stripped with paint killer, same for the wing, which had to spend the winglets for the new Astute (middle part) wing. The TBG wing was not good enough for me, to be honest. I fixed my concept, not to end up as Egress, so FRP parts had to stay, wheels shouldn   ´ t be black, so a set of Rere black special was the choice, to get some neon 90`s appeal in the project. For the tires I decided on the Vanquish pin spikes just for looks. Electronics I wanted to keep clean and equal to my Vanquish runner, so the Tamiya TBLE02 was equipped with XT60 connectors for my M-Chassis stick pack. Engine is also the same, a former Speed Passion sportsman 13,5t silvercan with bullet connectors and an MCI Racing Dynatech 01R sticker. On off switch was changed to a smaller one and all wires shortened as much as possible. Some Tuning parts still have to be mounted, see the pics. It               ´s running so nice in the garden with the torque splitter set, and has good power on a 23T pinion. A lot of detail work in the CVA   ´ s, new piston rods, pistons, ventilated caps and Egress springs to increase travel front. Changed ball studs in the steering bridge together with the new Tamiya ball connectors, because the originals were blocking full suspension travel. For the color I wanted to do no boxart job (have my shelfer), but wanted metallic and fresh look. So I decided to try 'bright gunmetal' from Tamiya. More and more happy with the choice, but judge yourself. Driver figure is a 2011 one with glued on extensions.

4 Out of the shadows 4 What a floating design! 4 cockpit took it ´s time 8 MCI stickers work well, cannot complain on them. 2 Clean and cheap electronics. 4 Retro brushless engine, as Tamiya should do it... 1 Tamiya TBLE02 working very well for the money. 3 Yeah racing drive shafts to test in the front. 4 Still playing with the thought of a slipper clutch 2 need another, smaller spur gear 1 2011 driver made to fit.

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You did a absolutely marvelous job on the Avante. A great eye for color matching. All of the precision work you put into this R/C model really shows by the excellent outcome of the project. What can I say, Tamiya at some of it's best.



Thank you Flash, I am just blown away by your commendation. The car will get some fine tweaks still to eliminate possible weaknesses for running. Will probably continue my build thread I started years ago to document the changes. I drove 3 packs in the garden already doing some jumps, everything is working really well, and I am also pleased with the Looks. It does not look like an almost 30 year old buggy, it is still 'avant' of time.



I'll second what Flash51 said, great work, lovely looking Avante



Thank you mud, loving your work on the 2001, too!

xray mark


That looks great mate. I like idea of the dyna tech decal but in a black brushless motor. That is a cool idea. Love the paint and the pink wheels too . A bit 90’s but fresh!!



Thank you Mark! It was intended with a bit 90s flair, as you say. And yes, I should have done the can in black before applying the sticker. Just was not sure about flaking paint...



Well done! Beautiful.

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