Model: (Click to see more) 58242: Wild Willy 2
Status: New built
Date: 29-Apr-2020
Comments: 12
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Built this to commemorate the fact that Wild Willy 2 has been in production for 20 years.

For a change from the traditional olive drab I decided to use a US Navy colour on the body; AS-19 Intermediate Blue. I made sure three new rattle cans were on hand but in the end only two were used. A light coat of white primer was used all over before masking the top of the fuel cell. Otherwise, by the time the fuel cell gets painted a separate colour there are already a few coats of paint down and the details start to get lost.

The body, grill and tailgate got a couple of light coats of the blue as individual items. Then these items were taped together and the whole lot received a consistent top coat - this ensured all the items would match when finally assembled.

All the screws were spray painted separately to get even coverage without any clogging.

The windscreen rubber, rear fenders, seat and the base to the gear lever were painted TS-82 Rubber Black. I know masking can take time but I'm not a fan of brush painting if it can be avoided so was happy to make the extra effort. The fuel cell was masked separately and painted first with TS-42 Light Gun Metal.

To further emphasise the lovely details (that are unchanged since the 35 year old original) the racing fuel filler cap was painted in my favourite shade of Tamiya silver; TS-83 Metallic Silver which is almost reflective. The instructions on the side of the cap suggest a TS-14 Black undercoat but on this occasion I skipped this step to avoid further clogging of the details.

The headlights seem nondescript but upon close inspection there are three rivets moulded into the outside ring which can be highlighted. Initially the whole item was sprayed TS-83 followed by a light coat of AS-19 for a colour coded rim. I found any remediation of the masking around the compound curves with the white flexible tape can be rectified with a sharp pencil. Both headlights were then sprayed semi-gloss clear to seal the pencil marks and any other highlights.

It would be nice to think that if Tamiya had released a 'Wild Willy 2 20th Anniversary' that it would have had a subtle bit of bling, helpful hop ups and some alternative rims. But then again, why change a winning recipe that has clearly been a commercial success for twenty years!

Let's hope we see Willy on sale for many more years to come as he continues to attract new people to the hobby and provide hours of building and driving fun.

29 Completed with a ... 26 set of custom plates. 33 Kitchen string allows the hook to be used ... 37 a bit of masking means ... 17 the hinge can be detailed like the full-size ... 18 the olive drab dash is a nod to Army roots ... 11 lots of other interior details to accentuate ... 20 flexible masking tape helps here ... 15 and a bit of time and patience here ... 16 screw heads painted separately ... 16 b/w spots as per camo version in catalog ... 15 pink primer works very well under red ... 15 jerry can complete with 3d printed insert ... 16 spare wheel cover painted last ... 16 and completes the body. 17 Colour coded tie rod covers ... 11 with upgraded dampers ... 15 and a few other upgrades. 20 Just need some wheels ... 17 which were painted silver on the inside.

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Detailing the Wild Willy 2 grill




Looks great, job well done!



Nice !!!
I really like the colour of the body !
What paint is it ?



Thanks - I used Tamiya AS-19 Intermediate Blue (US Navy) - it drys nice and quickly. Thought it went well with Willy's racing suit which is AS-20 Insignia White (US Navy).



That’s just lovely! I think my favourite detail is the nod to the camo M38 with two different colour spot light covers. Well done!



Thanks for noticing Steffen, I did the same with my recent Navy blue inspired restoration (also in the showroom)




Great Willy. Such attention to detail. Will this be a runner?

Also, how did you get the body clips to go in 'front to back' rather than from the side? Did you drill new holes?



Hello @toyolien, thanks for the feedback, it has run but I enjoy the building more these days.

Good spot on the body clips; take a look here for the trick:
[Click here]



@nicherotors I admire you attention to detail and precision painting. Looks so sharp! Inspired my spray painting. Have to ask the Citadel colors you use on the strap do the offer something special ? As you prefer to use PS/AS paints? I swear to the same method. Tamiya offer several browns spray cans and brush paints.



Thanks @Chewie75, for small items that will be weathered (like the leather strap or the face) I find the Citadel paints are helpful because they are water soluble and so clearing up mistakes is quick and easy and the paint dries rapidly (meaning you can layer shades without waiting too long) with no fumes; I find water to be the softest thinner. Other paint thinners and paint retarders mean I have to keep track of what goes with what - and while that is doable it can leave me with a headache in more ways than one!



Thanks @nicherotors. Combo is near perfect. The Jerry Can is icing on the cake on Wild Willy.
I bought Citadel Abanddon Black and Steel Legion Drab base paints. I was told it should be the same as the ones you have just remembered names...

My result doesn't look exactly like your.. Do you mind sharing what procedure do you use painting them ? Techniques and weathering. Really appreciate it...
Admire you painting results. So clean and perfect??



@Chewie75, I’m a big fan of using the Tamiya weathering palettes and rub their light sand into the brown while it’s still soft and not fully dry. Hope that helps.

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