Model: (Click to see more) 47442: Terra Scorcher 2020
Status: NIB
Date: 1-May-2020
Comments: 3
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The last time I owned or drove a Tamiya buggy based on this chassis design was back in 1988 as a sophomore in High School with my trusty Thundershot! So since I missed that re-release several years ago and prices got out of hand, I jumped at the opportunity to grab a new re-re Terra Scorcher 2020 kit from Tower Hobbies for a very reasonable price with discount coupon, 169USD. I had to wait a while to receive it but it showed up on Tuesday this week and I am thrilled to check it out. Lots of nice upgrades in the box, bearings, universal drive shafts and also a solid aluminum motor mount, very nice. I will likely create my own A5 hinge pin brace part up front. I may make mine out of solid aluminum by hand or get it machined out. For the time being it is sealed in its plastic wrap. scollins

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Had to do it yeah.....and why not! Cool enjoy mate!



Just love the vintage photos, enjoy the build!




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