Model: (Click to see more) 58070: Midnight Pumpkin
Status: New built
Date: 4-May-2020
Comments: 9
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This original Pumpkin kit was started ten years ago when they weren't quite so precious - before a number of other radio controlled projects leapfrogged the queue - it's been great to finally finish and put the Ford tailgate to good use.

The chassis was dusted off and some new white wheels and black shocks added. The ride height was lowered a little in a attempt to make it look less toy-like. The motor leads were replaced with black ones and the red wire from the battery pack was covered in black heat shrink.

I wanted a clean speed shop look and so started on the body by filling in the four screw holes - while the body filler was out some of the other ripples were addressed too.

The mountings for the rollover bar were removed and a tonneau cover made from a sheet of plasticard glued atop a wooden frame - held in place by four magnets. The body mounts were deleted in favour of four screws (the front two are under the bumper and rear two are under the tonneau) - a small price to pay for a cleaner look.

While the plasticard was out a little cabin area was made - originally I was going to stop there but then saw that Tamiya released a neat looking 1/12 scale figurine last year and so one was ordered. With a bit of persuasion, a sharp knife and some more body filler the torso and arms were 'adjusted' to the sitting position. A few other bits of balsa soaked in super glue gives the impression of an interior from an arms length. The detail on the Street Rider is great - for example the zip on the jacket has been moulded in - clearly not visible through the smoked windows but fun nonetheless.

Lights were added - including a baffle in the front wheel arch to conceal the wires - there is a bit of kitchen foil behind the LEDs so that the light doesn't bleed. A spare radiator grill was inserted but then the engine bay looked naked - so a scratch built V8 crankcase was added - less for scale and more as a baffle so that there isn't clear daylight showing through the front wheel arches.

The body was painted with AS29 gray green, the chrome bumpers were sanded back, primed and painted TS26 pure white. For cosmetic purposes the tie rods were covered in a aluminium tube cut to length and painted to match the body.

The time spent on the details clearly outweighs the capability of the chassis but adding the details became addictive after one thing led to another.

It's been a long wait to get round to finishing but am pleased with the result and the skills learnt along the way.

24 14 21 16 Vinyl decal found online. 26 15 Water based paints make correction easy! 26 A bit of elbow grease removed any blemishes. 21 Street Rider is a very detailed 1/12 figure ... 16 who was standing but is now ... 29 sitting comfortably. 15 Easy to work with soft balsa items. 20 Colour coded tie rods are purely cosmetic. 21 Dummy V8 with short black cables.




Awesome, Cool, Absolutely love it!



Nice !
From my point of view, flat colour is a perfect choice for this body



Very nice paintjob and much more detailed than most other cars on this kind of chassis. Very very nice and result.



Well done, a very cool and detailed build.



really subtle mods but they make it look stunning! One of the best!



That look really nice! Love the colour & bumpers. That driver figure is awesome too, good job!



Nice job! I love it. Certainly stands out.

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