Model: (Click to see more) 58347: Lunchbox
Status: Runner
Date: 4-May-2020
Comments: 1
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I actually joined this site 16 years ago and still blame it for my obsession with tamiya and all things RC and I admit I haven't been on here in recent years as much as I should, mainly because Instagram and Facebook provided a simple way of sharing the hobby with like minded people, but that being said Tamiyaclub has always been close to my heart as it fuelled my interest in the early days of me getting back in to the hobby, so thanks to Chris and all of you for keeping the site going.

Moving forward I will try and share more stuff on here and don't worry I won't be spamming you all with links to my other channels, I will just be sharing stuff I enjoy in the RC world and projects I'm working on etc.

For now here's some pics of lunchboxes I've taken in the last few days


15 12 14




Nice ‘boxes!

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