Model: (Click to see more) 99995: Motors
Status: NIB
Date: 7-May-2020
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Just arrived in today's post, two mint NIB motors from the days when Tamiya really did some great box art. The Acto from 1993 is for a TA02-TRF project, the Dyna Run from 1996 for my TA03R-TRF. Edit: I then found some more - 2nd pic!

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Great purchases! I love these motors. The time when people invested time in the packing and boxset itself. I so remember the time I went to my local hobby shop to buy an Acto Power Black motor for my TA02 Alfa 155V6TI. Next to ball bearings these were the first Hop-Up options I bought to be more competitive during the Dutch Tamiya Euro Cup races. The box, the fluorescent wires, the black and gold color scheme. Together with the Aluminium Motor you felt like a real life Formula One mechanic that installed something special into its car. Being 13 years old that is ??
The Dyna-Run was a bit more easy to push more power out of. Other springs and/or brushes could make a huge difference. I had nice succes with it later on in my RC racing career driving my mid-engine TA03.



Beautiful motors and box-art. We all love Tamiya box art don't we?






Nice haul of motors!

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