Model: (Click to see more) 58662: Comical Grasshopper
Status: New built
Date: 10-May-2020
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Inspired by the introduction of the yellowish green parts set for the WR02-CB chassis, I bought a set with a vision of creating a better impression of the conceit that the Comical Grasshopper is 'really' based on a tubular construction. The ability to pick out the chassis 'pipes' and colour match them to the rails that form the cage around the drive was the main appeal. The next influence was s pic from the Blockhead Motors instagram featuring a Comical Grasshopper with oversize slick tyres from a Chinese bay sellers (intended for the Monster Beetle). I also wanted a Japanese tuner aesthetic, but also a hint of Group 4 rally madness.

This all sat on the shelf for about a year after my initial sketch, before I finally had time to work on it, then got hit with a further 6 week delay for Yeah Racing parts. The final factor in the design was in in my hunt for decals from my collection. I have a huge stash of Mini4wd stickers and tried to use them in the back windows to create that 'window full of stickers effect you sometimes see on Japanese-inspired hot hatches. Although I was initially after quite a minimalist look, the way that the red yellow and blue sat against the green highlights really appealed, with something of a clash of worlds effect. My wife suggested I can this through to the front too, and these stickers from a set designed for the Mini4wd Racers Box.

So here's the result, planted in 1990 by a small Japan Cup sticker on the driver's shirt, and celebrating the repurposing of Group 4 machines into Rally Cross and some fictional Mini4wd / Japan street drift vibes! Or something.

- Full All hop-up set from Yeah Racing.
- Tamiya ball raced rear wheelie wheel (stripped of anodised blue, and with Mini4wd clear tyre).
- Yeah Racing shocks (stripped of anodised blue).
- Custom top plate for an interior (not quite finished)

18 21 20 Initial sketch 21 Discovered this livery in Forza horizon 4 9 Found a set of these stickers in my archive 13 12 Custom printed decals for the top pipes. 12 17 10 18 12 Rear end open, like a brutal Group 4 rally car 10 18 Cut and painted pipe for the read body mount 18 13 16 18 18 Green foam from hobby craft a good colour match

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Fun concept, and great execution! I like this one a lot.



These comicals are growing on me. Nice job on this one!

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