Model: (Click to see more) 58035: Wild Willy Willys M38
Status: Restored
Date: 11-May-2020
Comments: 7
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I was fascinated to learn that Steve McQueen used to own a Willys Jeep; being a fan I thought it nice to replicate a few highlights, namely the colour scheme (olive drab with off-white wheels), index plates and a plaque for the dashboard.

More information about the full-size can be found here:

I decided to restore a built but never used SWB M38 Wild Willy. All the plastics were polished, all the aluminium was polished and then anodised black with stainless steel fasteners used where possible.

4 No driver could do this justice ... 5 Picture from link above. 1 4 6 12 5 4 6 A darker shade for the interior to add depth ... 3 all the subtle details were highlighted ... 5 with a unique plaque made for the dashboard ... 5 each item was detailed before final assembly. 6 All parts cleaned and polished ... 2 with the aluminium anodised black. 5 Only destined for the shelf ... 9 no cables required for the electrics. 5 Reproduction tyres used and lined up ... 4 as per boxart (bolts lined up to 'S' of 'TIRES'). 4 6 SWB and LWB versions sat side by side.

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Restored LWB Wild Willy




Beautiful !!!! Nice job.
You, lucky man
And the car stand is awesome



Nice one!



Absolutely brilliant! Oh, and that's a nice stand, too! Great ORIG stuff.



Excellent job!
What color did you use on the driver's seat? Is that Tamiya TS-46 (light sand)?



Thanks for the encouragement; @Danzo, the seat is AS-15 Tan. the same as the spare wheel cover, but with a bit of weathering.



That’s really nice, but I do miss a King of Cool style Willy behind the wheel



... indeed, the other two in my showroom with drivers certainly have a bit more ‘fun’ about them.

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