Model: (Click to see more) 99981: Traxxas
Status: NIB
Date: 12-May-2020
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This is my 1/10th scale Traxxas TRX-4 chassis kit that I purchased from Ebay in February 2020 for a not-so-inexpensive $369.95 USD. It represents the continued evolution in my scale crawling trucks since starting with a used Tamiya F-350 High-Lift back in 2009 and is the fourth scaler in my current collection behind a Gmade Sawback, RGT Rock Cruiser and RGT Bowler. This pricey kit is not something I normally spend this much money on but it does come ARTR with the radio, ESC and motor and is probably the most advanced/realistic and capable scale crawler currently on the market given its portal axles, 2-speed remote shifting transmission. remote-locking front/rear differentials and molded wheel wells incorporated into the design. The only items to add are a body of your choice, battery and charger. Unfortunately, the one downside of the standard truck kit is that it comes with either a lexan Ford Bronco or Chevy Blazer body but I wanted a more realistic hard body so I decided to save some money by purchasing the less-expensive chassis kit without a body. I found a nice ABS hard Ford Bronco body that I really like but not sure yet and I'm currently busy building the RGT 'Bowler' into a more scale vehicle for the 2020 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge in August so this will remain NIB until I get around to building it. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

5 4 Realistic wheel wells. 2 6 Portal axles for better ground clearance. 11 Forward-positioned motor over front axle. 8 6 Stock photo with lexan Ford Bronco body. 6 Stock photo with lexan Chevy Blazer body.

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That will be quite a build I think, enjoy!



I really do need to get something from Traxxas one day they make some awesome stuff!
Nice mate!

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