Model: (Click to see more) 47350: Top Force 2017
Status: NIB
Date: 13-May-2020
Comments: 3
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This is my 1/10th scale Tamiya re-rereleased Top Force that I purchased from Ebay in February 2019 for $215.00 USD. This needs no explanation as we all know the historical significance so, needless to say, shortly after I received it I realized that it should remain NIB but I also wanted a runner so another one soon followed. I really like the DF-01 chassis but never paid any attention to these BITD probably because I was a little older when the original was first released in 1991 and therefore busy preparing for college. Same holds true in 2005 when life was busy and they were re-released for the first time. That brought me to 2017 when they were re-introduced for a THIRD time so I figured I better not miss out because it's likely the last time we see them produced. I think that's why I needed two of them and this is only the third duplicate in my collection so they must be special to me. I'll likely build the runner in the box art livery and then hope for an Evo to be re-released in the future! Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

8 How could I resist!? 8 4 4 3 7 9 Two has to be better!

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Same mate the Top Force came along after my 1st involvement in the hobby so never really had an opportunity to see one until l got back into this awesome hobby for the 2nd time! Well all l can say is it's one of my favourite buggies now! Love everything about the Top Force and to win one in the TC competition last time was mind blowing lol!
Pleased you like the boxart mate! These look mint in boxart!



Lovely kit , great choice . It's definitely one i'll try and add to my collection



@MAD-BEE: Oh yeah, I forgot that you scored one in the TC competition...lucky guy!! That must have been amazing!! IIRC, I worked quite hard on my entry for that comp but to no avail. You guys are just too good for me so I had to acquire one the old fashion way. Yes, these really do look mint in box-art so I don't see how I could NOT build one in box-art livery.

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