Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 13-May-2020
Comments: 9
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With hobby shop stocks currently running low and Ebay's sky high prices I decided to turn my attention to messing around with what I already have.

So I took the body off of my Kyosho Javelin, made up some body mounts to carry a Sand Scorcher body for a while.

The front mount consists of a slightly chopped up TA02 front shock mount with a Blitzer Beetle front post fixed to it that I'd bought a long time ago with the intention of fitting the SS body to a Blitzer chassis, but could never bring myself to drill the necessary holes in the side for that. Then just Zip tied on so the whole process is reversible.

The rear mount for the SS's clip is made up of bits of hardware found in the 'it'll come in handy one day box'.

All in all I don't think it came out to bad, and with the Kyosho 4WD chassis its a lot of fun and the best handling Scorcher I've ever driven :)

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Iol yeah not much stuff left anywhere!
Mate that looks really good love it! It's got a nice stance!



That looks excellent! Makes me want to do this with my restored Turbo Optima. Good work.



Thanks fellas, you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to get your RC fix in these strange times at the moment.



Great idea and execution! I've also noticed Ebay prices sky rocketing recently which means I'll have to take a break from buy and focus on what I already have.



Reminds me of a similar project I had going on in 2007: [Click here] It's a scorcher body on a turbo optima mid, smallest pinion, spa 480ws motor, stadium blitzer rear wheels and monster beetle tires. It was an absolute blast on the beach. Yours looks way better.



The Turbo Optima Mid, that’s the Kyosho rere that everyone is hanging out for I believe, I’m no expert on vintage but they do look good.
I reckon I’d need bigger tyres for any beach bashing shenanigans Tamiyastef.






Great idea and superb execution on this one! Looks menacing, and must be a lot of fun to drive.



This is a very nice looking Beetle with unique Chassis that is so well adapted! Would love to see it running as the Javelin/ Optima is a good platform. Makes me think about a Beetle for myself as i never got one.

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