Model: (Click to see more) 99949: ABC
Status: NIB
Date: 15-May-2020
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This is my NIB 1/12th-ish scale ABC Hobby 'CESA 1882' catamaran that I purchased from infamous Ebay in December 2019 for $220.00 USD. It is a replica of the 1:1 driven by the late Italian offshore racer and record holder Fabio Buzzi of FB Design in 1989 and is the rarest r/c catamaran in my collection. I have no childhood connection to this model and some of us are familiar with the relatively more common V-bottom version of this boat but I didn't know the catamaran version of this livery existed until within a year or so before purchasing it. I watched this one on Ebay for quite a long time until I was able to reason with the seller on an agreeable price. I've only seen one other one for sale online before finding this one so they seem very rare. Like the vintage Graupner boats in my collection, the ABC Hobby boats are of higher quality than my MRP boats but not as high quality as the Graupner boats. I might build this at some point but currently I'm undecided on that. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

67 Nice picture of it running on the box. 70 Several power options. 72 64 82 68 65 Huge decal sheet! 59 Rare picture of the 1:1. 17 Rare close-up picture of the 1:1.

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Lovely boat

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