Model: (Click to see more) 58020: JPS Lotus 79 (Comp Spec.)
Status: Restored
Date: 17-May-2020
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I have a soft spot for the vintage on road chassis cars, and i had this crazy idea of building all of the F1 teams from back in the day.

Car #5 is Mario Andretti, who would go on to become world champion in 1979 driving the Lotus 79 along side team mate Ronnie Peterson.
Car #6 is Ronnie Peterson who joined Mario as second driver in 1978 from Tyrrell. Sadly Ronnie was killed in a startline accident the same year at the Italian GP.

13 #5 Mario Andretti #6 Ronnie Peterson 13 The hardest decals to cut & apply. 1mm pinstripes. 9 Before and after

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
The 1981 F1 team number 1 & 2 drivrs. #27 Alan Jones & #28 Clay Regazzoni.




Love it!. Please make a picture of all cars together. Will look stunning!



Thanks Koenc.
Once they are all done, i'm going to take a 'grid' photo.



Very nice!!

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