Model: (Click to see more) 58080: Astute
Status: Project
Date: 21-May-2020
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Years ago I rebuilt a Madcap (Madcap 'Evo' in my showroom) and an Astute. With the spares I wanted to build a Jamie Booth edition Astute. Unfortunatley I had to sell my spare Astute donor car as didnt have the time. Years later I have managed to find the time, after a recent Madcap restore from spares I had the parts left over which made the Jamie Booth project a reality. One Super Astute Chassis and Towers later and this is the result. A lot of Madcap spare parts in this (screws, gearbox, wishbones) and a few Astute Spares with some Super Astute parts. Body is a repro but of good quality.

Shocks are 3rd party oil same size as original
Chassis and shock towers are Super Astute
Gearbox was a spare Madcap unit, bearings, alu plate, rebuild ball diff with extra shim
Wishbones, uprights are Madcap
Rear wheels and tyres + front are Super Astute
Front wheels Wild One spares
Tie rods etc are custom made from Astute spares and TL01 spares
Speed Tuned Motor used due to inherent weakness in ball diff, no point stressing it.
Total cost of build:                                £100 which covered body, rear wheels and tyres, stickers, paint, servo and speed controller.

57 45 45 44 43 37 36 52 43 32 14 Alloy gear retainer 11

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Looks great...ready for a vintage race!!

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