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Status: Project
Date: 21-May-2020
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I've been working on this car for years now, ever since I got the body (and decals) from yogi-bear - one of his early body reproductions, and his decals too, which is a fair effort! Bonnet is black vinyl as some goose forgot to paint it first. The light buckets are home-made, the fronts from disposable contact lens cases, and the rear from a set I purchased, chopped up to suit.

Chassis is TL-01, with bearings and carbon prop shaft. Upgrades include HPI oil shocks, stainless suspension shafts, lightweight kingpins, and adjustable steering links. Still to connect the radio gear, and add an ESC and motor.

Still need to do the front grille and headlight surrounds, and the rear light details, and I probably should make up some number plates as well.... then it will be finished, and I can work out what to do with it next!

East African Safari Livery 1 Factory rally car 3 Front end, just needing grille work 4 4 4 Rear needs some detail work, looks a little plain. 3 Stripe lining up front to rear - my poor old eyes! 6 LED work started 5 Snuggly in with tape and LED controller 1 Chassis.... almost an afterthought! 9 Something has to keep the body from the deck!




great project



looking good. Would love to see a video of it in action. This is timely took as I've just gotten back into the vac forming too, and am about to do an update.



Cool looking car Alex, yep running vid would be awesome

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