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Status: Restored
Date: 21-May-2020
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here is my Lexus LFA RC GP car project finished.
i bought this chassis for 35 euros & i added a cheap T2M CX12 used engine for 40 euros (it seems in good condition but i have not started it yet) mounted with a Kyosho exhaust .
Then i changed the fuel tank for a Traxxas one & i added all the electronics.
But when finished wich body to use ?
my choice goes to this Protoform Lexus LFA body because it is an uncommon car with an amazing engine & sound !
i painted the body in yellow and the rims in black.
i added a custom Muffler for more realism too.
i hope to run it this sunday and i will add the video as always.
i hope you like it,
thanks for looking ;-)
update 24/05/2020 video link :

4 2 3 3 1 3 1 3 4 1 Custom exhaust 2 real one real one 2 before restoration 2 Engine

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