Model: (Click to see more) 58384: Subaru Brat
Status: NIB
Date: 23-May-2020
Comments: 2
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heavily modified Subaru Brat with AMPro Engineering parts. Just waiting on 4mm adjusters to attach steering arms. This project has been about a year in the works.
Air brushed chassis with XF-85 mixed (50/50) with Pledge Future floor polish
Monster Beetle J8 and J9 parts used to fit DT-03 CVA dampers that are no longer being used on the Neo Scorcher.
Frog universal drive shafts.
Sport Tuned Motor with TT-02 heat sink.
AMPro parts
-Inner arm mount
-shock brace
-skid plates: front, mid, battery, motor.
-Front Knuckle
-front arms
-bumper mount
-antenna mount
-battery access door
-central servo mount

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Pledge !! ? . Looks great , a lot of time ( and cash ) spent on this one I guess .



Pledge vinyl floor polish. A trick I picked up off scale model forums. It held up on the poly carbonate neo scorcher body I painted with a craft acrylic paint/pledge future mix. Not sure how it will react with the Tamiya acrylic. Not that I should admit this but that's the second chassis, the first one I tried dying black but it warped the frame. Most of the time has been waiting for parts, can't get anything here in Canada.

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