Model: (Click to see more) 99971: boats & watercraft
Status: NIB
Date: 23-May-2020
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This is my 1/10th scale Monogram 'Splash Dancer' cabin cruiser that I purchased from Ebay in August 2018 for a reasonable 102.50 USD. It is quite rare and was released in 1988 as an unlicensed(?) replica of the then-popular 1:1 1987 Bayliner 2550 Ciera Sunbridge cabin cruiser. Bayliner is an American manufacturer of mid-level boats (think the 'Chevrolet' of boats) that has been in business since 1975 and use to offer models ranging from small bow-riders and center-consoles to larger cabin cruisers and big motor yachts back in the 80's and 90's. They're still in business but only offer the smaller bow-riders, center-consoles and deck boats now. I assume that Monogram didn't want to pay a costly licensing fee BITD so they couldn't use the Bayliner name but the likeness is too obvious for it to be a random coincidence. This kit comes with an odd 2-speed fwd/rev MSC, 540 motor and all the usual hardware so all I have to do is add a period-correct radio and battery. The hull is surprisingly made of thick, sturdy ABS and the boat has some nice components like metal handrails so it seems to be a high-quality kit. I have no childhood connection to this model and only knew Monogram for their static model kits. Therefore, I didn't know it existed or even that Monogram made hobby-grade r/c boats before discovering it but I am extremely familiar with Bayliner boats particularly the 1:1 model below the 2550 known as the 2450 Ciera Sunbridge which was the family boat that we had from 1986 - 2013. My father and I poured our hearts and souls into maintaining and running that boat for 27 years so my family and I were sad to see it go when it's age finally caught up to it requiring a costly $9,000 repair that did not make financial sense given the boat's age. That's why this kit struck a cord with me when I saw it and will be how I remember that boat. More to come once this is built. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

29 Nice box art. 11 14 Box is in great shape. 24 26 28 18 21 24 24 Nice components and decal sheet. 31 Instruction sheet. 24 26 24 '87 1:1. Not sure how Monogram got away with it. 30 Example of family boat: 1984 2450 Ciera Sunbridge.

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