Model: (Click to see more) 58676: 1/24 Volvo A60H Hauler 6x6
Status: NIB
Date: 28-May-2020
Comments: 4
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Another great release from Tamiya.
Cost approx.    £215 from after discounts
It's a shame it doesn't have portals for the price but it still a great model nontheless
Pre-painted and cut cab and coloured abs chassis and tipper bed means no painting required.
Comes with its own manual which is nice (better than a chassis manual).
Tipper bed is manually moved as required.
Other changes include the electrics are now re-located to the front, sitting on a platform.
The bottom of the front cab is actually a bumper, which is a nice bit of design

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ha very cool, I hadn't seen this one yet



Interested in the 4WS instructions, might download a manual to have a peek. As for not putting heavy items or sand/dirt in the bed, what a bunch of spoilsports!!



And yet the official video show gravel in the bed? ??



Looks awesome mate what a beast! Love the fact it has Volvo all over it!

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