Model: (Click to see more) 84387: Neo Scorcher - Bright Pink Metallic
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Jun-2020
Comments: 4
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As someone who strongly dislikes doing bodyshells, a kit that comes with the shell precut and prepainted is very desirable - and if it is a limited edition, all the better! So when Tamiya released their Bright Pink Metallic edition of the Neo Scorcher, it was enough to convince me that a TT-02B needed to join the fleet.
A simple but enjoyable build gives a buggy that looks good and performs reliably on brushless power once you have added a few upgrades.

The most well-known weakness of the TT-02B is probably the plastic rear diff ring gear, so mine was built with a DF-02 metal one, along with a DF-02 diff input gear. The front diff tends not to give as many issues, so the lighter plastic one was retained up front. Drivetrain robustness was also improved with an alloy motor mount, propshaft, dogbones and hexes. 2.2' wheels give a bit more ground clearance and a ballraced alloy steering rack reduces slop. Slop and adjustability are also benefited by a full turnbuckle set. After running the stock shock towers for a while, they too were upgraded, with the car now featuring a nice set of carbon ones with the blue alloy spacers polished back to silver aluminium so as not to detract from the colour scheme.

It runs very nicely on a 13.5t motor and TBLE-02 ESC fed by a 2S LiPo. With the upgraded diff, it could easily handle more power, but this gives me a nice balance of speed and runtime so I am happy with it as-is. The new shock towers have sharpened up the handling significantly - enough to allow her to take top spot in Round 4 of the postal races.

30 32 44 35 The electronics 43 With an older sibling 33 With her new carbon shock towers

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Looks great! That snow looks refreshing!!



In the first photo, with the sun light reflecting on the ground, I thought for a second you were on the salt flats of Bonneville Nice shot!



We love our pink neo also!



Looks ace on ice! It looks that you hit the sweet spot with the upgrades, improving the handling as much as possible without breaking the bank!

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