Model: (Click to see more) 84352: TA06 MS Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 3-Jun-2020
Comments: 4
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This was the car that I used at the 2015 Tamiya World Championships. I competed in the GT class where cars were still racing with the 2400ZAP Sanyo cells... Yes in the year of lipo batteries in 2015. At least on brushless motors!
I bought the car off a friend only for this race and this was the body that I raced with as well... Inspired by the Japanese artist Mr. Jun Watanabe. He had a couple of shoes with his designs as well! Enjoy

Qualifying 8th and finishing 4th! 5 1 2 Inspired by Jun Watanabe 3 1 3 6 Race car before the A-mains 2 4 Memories in a vault! 3 On the Japanese Magazine 1 Just my shoes! 4 Just 1 step off the podium at 4th! 3




YOU are my HERO!

Just love what i see here!



Great to see a finalist car from Tamiya World Championships, thanks for sharing. I found the Subaru always a little 'light on the rear axle', as we drove a 25 hours race 2014. Would love to hear your Impression, or how you adressed it. Congratulations for your 4th place!



Wow that's a great story and result, Well done



ruebiracer, I had a similar issue too.. At the Tamiya Worlds that year, they allowed only a few different bodies for each class...I believe this was something they always do... For the 2015, I had only choices of the NSX concept, Lexus petronas, Skyline sumo or this... Guess this was the best among them all. I used diff fluid of about 1K and also had about 3 degrees of rear toe... The champion only top 3 runners ran a little lesser toe which maybe resulted in faster straight-line speed. So maintaining speed was the key in going fast!

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