Model: (Click to see more) 58652: F104 PRO II w/Body
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Jun-2020
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This is not my car, but rather one I built for a mate.
My mate has been a HPI fan for almost as long as I have been into Tamiya - odd as his first hobby-grade RC was a Thundershot. For several seasons he was campaigning a HPI F10 in Formula 1. While a good performer on tarmac, we were racing on carpet, where the F10 is somewhat out of its element. After being soundly trounced by my F103 over and over again, he was finally persuaded to return to the Tamiya fold, hence this car which he has nicknamed 'Precious'. He enjoys the driving but not the building - great from my perspective as I very much enjoy the build process, so I assembled it for him. Below you can see the results.

14 7 7 10 9 7 Body off! 6 With some of its rivals

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