Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: NIB
Date: 28-Jun-2020
Comments: 2
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This one was the tamiya what makes me happy. At the age of twelf i was able to play my uncles rough rider, he prefered the ruogh rider instead of the beetle- i wanted them both so badly.... about three years later i got a sandscorcher in a closing toy/ hobby shop in Mà¶nchengladbach. The price was 289,- DM , it had no ballbearing and only a three step speedcontroll . It has still the poor paintjob- tamiya ts colors applied by a brush... only the wheels are newer thanks to my grasshopper





Great story



Loue old school brush paintjobs and the alternative boxart on the scorcher. Nice you kept your first car.

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