Model: (Click to see more) 58087: Manta Ray
Status: Runner
Date: 5-Jul-2020
Comments: 2
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Brought off eBay, can't remember when

18 16 18




Wow ! It's in very good shape. Nice find.
It's like a nib : the only rips outside are made by the screwdrivers of the first owner :-D



Cars like this make me wonder - what is their story?

The were clearly built and run - the slight marking to the suspension arms and under the front gearbox shows this - so it is not a shelf queen. However it has been run very little, so it is not a basher either. It bears no evidence of being modded for race use, so not a racer. I therefore wonder - how did it come to be in this state, with so little wear?

Did its former owner decide after the first run that the hobby wasn't for them? Did they get frightened by the awesome power of the silver can, 540, and decide to stick with 380s? Did some misfortune befall them that made future use impossible? Or was it simply a car belonging to someone with a large fleet, which only got its turn to be used every now and then?

Whatever its history, I hope you have fun with it!

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