Model: (Click to see more) 58370: Dark Impact
Status: New built
Date: 8-Jul-2020
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My first 'modern' buggy, although one where finding upgrade parts proved way harder than I anticipated. As such it sat in an (ever expanding!) kit box for over 6 months before I finally built it in the Spring. It started out as a Dark Impact in JPS Lotus livery, but the body shell just doesn't fit well over brushless electronics, so I got hold of an Avante II shell and painted it in Camel Lotus livery, which was a better fit and looked awesome! I've since changed the wing from the Avante II wing to the original Dark Impact wing, which is a good match with the Avante II shell and creates a better overall profile, in my opinion. So I've decided to stick with that scheme for the runner, and if it ever finds its way onto a shelf the JPS DI shell can have it's day again!

The full list of hop ups included in the build is:

Tamiya 53925 Slipper Clutch with replacement RW Racing Hardened Steel Main Gear Pinion
Square RC SDI-27R Hardened Steel Rear Differential Joint
3mm Ceramic Silicon Nitride Differential Bearing Balls
Tamiya 53922 05 Module Pinion Gears (23T / 25T)
Tamiya 53923 05 Module Pinion Gears (27T / 29T)
4x 850zz Ball Raced Bearings
Tamiya 53924 Heat Sink Bar Set
Tamiya 53948 Aluminium One-Piece Propeller Cup Joint (x2)
3 Racing DF03-05/LB Aluminium Propeller Shaft
Square TC SDI-3 Graphite Front Damper Tower
3 Racing DF03-06/WO Rear Damper Tower
Xtra Speed XS-OM27001 Front Damper Set (now replaced with 53926 DF03 Dampers)
Xtra Speed XS-OM227002 Rear Damper Set (now replaced with 53926 DF03 Dampers)
3 Racing DF03-22/LB Rear Suspension Stiffener
Square RC SDI-17 Steering Crank
Tamiya 53941 Aluminium Steering Turnbuckle
Tamiya 53940 Hard Turnbuckle Set
Tamiya 51000 Hi-torque servo saver
Tamiya 54121 Aluminium horn for hi- torque servo saver
Tamiya 53791 Universal Shafts (x2)
Yeah Racing DF03-006BU Aluminium Front Knuckle Arm
Square RC SDI-36 Aluminium Front C-Hub
Square Racing SDI-42 Rear Hub
T-Bone Racing 56004 DF03 Front Bumper
T-Bone Racing 56002 DF03 Rear Bumper
Yeah Racing DF03-021BU Aluminium Battery Holder
Tamiya 53984 Buggy Rear Wing (now replaced with DF03 wing)
Tamiya 53569 Aluminium Clamp Wheel Hub
Tamiya 53161 Anodized 4mm Lock Nuts (Gold)
Core RC CR062 Small Body Clips (Blue)
Hobbywing Quicrun 10BL120 ESC
Hobbywing Quicrun 3650 Sensored Motor 8.5T

There's a build thread here:

After a few runs I realised the Xtraspeed Shocks were pretty rubbish and very leaky, so ditched them and replaced them with a set of Tamiya DF03 shocks I had on the shelf. They're so much better, and the blue works well with the Camel colour scheme. Settling on the 'blue' theme also means I've added the blue Tamiya motor plate (49433) and transparent blue M parts tree (49476). In for a penny....

So here are my pair of DF03 Ayrton Senna tributes!

19 14 In Lotus JPS Livery 18 Xtraspeed Kyosho copy shocks look great in gold! 13 But they were very leaky in practice!! 9 12 18 In Camel Lotus livery 13 Shell is a better fit with brushless wiring 12 19 11 Attempted a driver figure, hello Ayrton! 17 18 Happy with the result 17 He kind of fit, but not safely enough to run 13 Now sticking with the Camel, so added DF03 shocks 20 Much better than the leaky Xtraspeed shocks!! 11 13 11 9




Both livery's look awesome. With all the blue bling the Camel suits this car the best IMO.

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