Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Restored
Date: 12-Jul-2020
Comments: 4
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It's been 10 years since I built the Mystery Machine for my son, he is now 17 !! The Mystery Machine Lunchbox was retired about 4 years ago when the old trusty silver can died and one of wheels the decided part company with the rest of the truck and sent the Lunchbox flying down the road on the other 3.
The lunchbox then got replaced with a Bush Devil (more to come on this) and the Lunchbox found It's way yet again, broken and neglected dumped In the bottom of a cupboard, that is until now..... It's time for another restoration and this time my son is helping me do it ! This what we done so far, still very much work in progress.

Update 29/01/21
More decals added. New photos added at the bottom of the page.

29 29 27 34 21 Before 21 A rough layout of the design. 19 10 14

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Looks great how did ├Żou do the Cola? Looks brill.



Very nice! I like the combination of the coca-cola livery and the black wheels.



Thanks, I used a program Coreldraw to do the graphics then cut them on my desktop vinyl cutter.



I like the way this has 'popped' back to life, great job.

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