Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 19-Jul-2020
Comments: 2
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another Kyosho GP is in the collection, this time it is a FW03 chassis from the Superscale series.
i bought it from a RC collector from Portugal. It comes with a Kyosho GT15 Engine.
The precedent owner has polished all the chassis plates, and the engine head too.
i just have to add the Kyosho tuned muffler (that as i already have), the air filter and the electronics.
The original body ( Mac Laren F1 GTR) were too used so i sold it on ebay, but i have a nib one for it.
i run it this morning to see how it runs and to adjust the carburetor settings.
I was very surprised by the power of the engine which against all expectations is not tired and makes the car very fun to drive, and which makes it drift in a fairly easy way to master !
i wanted to do a video but unfortunately the string of the pull starter broke. i already repaired it this afternoon.
the video will arrive soon
thanks for looking ;-)

7 7 7 9 original body SOLD

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Very nice, love these Kyosho Superten .



@JYCM3 :thanks

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