Model: (Click to see more) 58147: Castrol Nissan Primera
Status: Restored
Date: 20-Jul-2020
Comments: 6
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A beautiful car, that I was able to build and restore (just the body) 25 years after it was released.
The FF-01 chassis is just build, never run. The body was never run also, but painted wrong (with brush and wrong colour) and the decals were placed wrong, too. I nullified all wrongs and restored it per manual.

The chassis is equipped with ball bearings and has the following Hop Up parts added:
50705 TA03 knuckle arm
53098 stainless steel suspension shaft set
53132 R/C flourescent colour antenna pipes
53136 one-piece ball thrust bearing
53155 low friction alumium damper set
53157 aluminium king pins
53163 onroad tuned spring set
53165 fwd touring car hollow carbon gear shaft set
53166 4wd-TA02 fwd car frp chassis set
53177 fwd aluminium motor heat sink
53191 touring and rallye car turnbuckle tie rod set
53192 touring and rallye car turnbuckle upper arm set
53195 4wd/fwd car carbon chassis plate
53217 touring car hard joint cup set
53220 4wd/fwd car super slicks
53569 clamp type aluminium wheel hub
53596 aluminium servo stays (short)
54343 M-chassis lightweight freewheel axle
84084 4mm aluminium flange nut (pink)
54608 CC-01 assembly universal shaft
54771 06 module hard coated aluminium pinion gear (24T)

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Thats awesome, love the stance



One word: WOW??
Well done!! Love it!!



Great looking car! Love the stance!



Wow! I just ordered a FF01 from eBay…. this one is gorgeous. Nice that you found all those rare upgrades. I don’t think you missed anything!

Cossie P100


Very nice and looks very well built.. Aluminium lightweight diff is needed
Top Job !

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