Model: (Click to see more) 58463: FF03 PRO Chassis Kit
Status: Project
Date: 21-Jul-2020
Comments: 4
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As soon as I was racing my FF-03 indoors, I felt the motorposition was costing corner entry speed. Also the soft suspension and steering layout needed to be improved. After a lot of testing and changing, finally this car with TRF420 parts was the result.
What is left of the FF-03? Just the two gears of the two gear gearbox ;)

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Just a work of art, liked to foollow the build thread on RCtech.
The only improvement proposal I could think of would be to use the angled IFS setup from TA05/TB03 in rear. Works so much better than the TA06 horizontal simplified layout.
The body is also a beauty, totally looking modern FWD with a classic Calsonic livery. The whole kit looks like a bat out of TRF and something Tamiya could have designed.
I think it´s your masterpiece!


Now that is cool



That's awesome!!! The new FF05?


Hey beautiful setup im currently working on the same platform, love fwd cars but i have a question. How did you get your suspension setup like that, ive been trying to figure it out please and thank you

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