Model: (Click to see more) 99986: AYK
Status: Project
Date: 24-Jul-2020
Comments: 4
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An AYK Bun Bun Racer I got from eBay a good while ago, have always thought these are are cool with the cartoon like proportions, the box art is fun too but sadly I didn't get the box with this one.

The name Bun Bun translates into Buzzing in Japanese, these cars have a centrifugal clutch so the motor always runs at low rpm without the model moving, the clutch has pins on it that work against a spring steel finger that makes the car sound like it has an F1 engine idling and revving up when driving. There are some videos on YouTube showing this. It's not a model built for speed with a little motor.

Did a cosmetic resto so far, couldn't get repros of the original play on words Caramel decals, so used a set of correct Camel ones, repainted the car from the inside as original paint was thin/patchy. As for the driver Senna would have been the obvious choice but given AYK are Japanese decided to paint him as Satoru Nakajima.

Next stage will be electrical/chassis restoration and get it buzzing again!

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Adorable! And lovely fix up … heads of to eBay to snag one …



Cool! You got a pic with the shell off? Interesting rc!

The Dodge


Thanks! Added chassis pics, it’s just missing the spring steel finger that sticks onto the speaker box, will try replicating this with a piece of junior hacksaw blade with the teeth ground off.

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