Model: (Click to see more) 58278: Lancia 037 Rally (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: NIB
Date: 30-Jul-2020
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I have 2 original Lancia 037's. One is box-art-built, and I wanted something different for my other 037. After searching throught dozens of decals/livery's I decided to make my own livery, based on the Olio Fiat Lancia.
The decals are off to the printed right now, can't wait to see the result! Hopefully the yellow will come out as seen on the real-size model. The decals are of course in vector, this is just a printscreen ;)


Got the decals back from the printer, mid July. The yellow was far too bright, so had to do them again, Came out much better this time! Can't wait to finish the body. Patience.


Paintbrushed the body. Getting the yellow right was really hard. Unfortunately I began with a 15/1 ratio, ended up with a 30/1 ratio. The right mixture is 30 parts yellow, 1 part red. The black was the easy part. The paint is in a matte finish. After decalling I will apply a clear, high gloss coating as a finish.

64 Right side 65 Inspiration 72 Left 53 Front 61 32 46 31 Work in progress




Total envy, love your skills to draw that vector decal set. Since I saw the topgear 037 story on youtube, massive fan of that Lancia. From my memories as a kid, there remained only the Integrale. The 037 is my favorite nowadays! Do you order the decals from MCI? Please keep us posted about your build, Straight into my favorites!



Cool idea!



Thanks! I'm having a bunch of these decals printed at a local printer. The 'white on transparent' is quite tricky to print, as I found out in my search for a printer. I do order decals from MCI, but not this one.



I accidentally removed the comment that the olio fiat is dark blue/yellow. You are right, but the reference car used for inspiration is definitely black and yellow



Both looking fantastic, especially the custom black and yellow one, really like that mate!



@Dirt-540 Thanks! I am in the finishing stage right now, almost done with the interior.



And for those of you who want the custom decals; I have some spare ones (buying more reduces price per piece, and i wanted some backup).

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