Model: (Click to see more) 99985: Yokomo
Status: Project
Date: 31-Jul-2020
Comments: 2
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By the way: I'm an IT guy.

So here I'm showing the first time (dadaa) an original and signed body from the 2016 TC world champion! I feel very honored, that he gave it to me and I think it is a nice opportunity to show it now for the first time.

Anyway: indeed my display cabinet is always full. In fact I would require 50 of these to have my collection always in sight- so I'm showing always my current favourites. If you want to test your senses, inspect the picture now, then hide it away and tell yourself what you saw...
Here some list:
- 2016 WC car
- Atushi Hara like body
- YZ-10 in box art
- Yokomo Super Dog fighter Masami style
but as well:
- Wild Willy driver
- TCR slot cars
- Rubik's world (rare)
- a helicopter rotor blade scale
- a vintage radio with stick and wheel
- some trophys
- some Revell submarines
and much more - as said: No space left on device - err in my house.





That’s a nice cabinet you got there!




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