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Status: NIB
Date: 1-Aug-2020
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I was looking for one of these old F103 body sets which are now, like almost anything F103 related, hard to find. In the end I found three in a model shop in Europe, so bought them all! These were a re-release in 2008 of the same named body set (part no. 50898) from 2000. The 'M' means it is a McLaren, and this one is the McLaren Mercedes MP4-13. I'll use one for my F103 15th Anniversary kit. It comes with unbranded decals, which is the only difference I believe between this body set and the one that came with the original F103RS car kit (58235) and body set (50833).

Tamiya released a few body sets like this from around 2000 onwards, i.e. an original shell from early models, but with unbranded decals. Here's the list I have from a few years back. Maybe there are more!
- 84031 F103RM kit with Type T body (Tyrrell 023. Nokia)
- 84032 F103RM kit with Type L body (Ligier, same as Benetton body but with Ligier wings)
- 84024 Type M (McLaren MP4/13)
- 84070 Type C (Lotus 107b)
- 49187 Type F (Ferrari F310B)

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Nice catch!

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