Model: (Click to see more) 58005: Lamborghini Countach LP500S
Status: Restored
Date: 2-Aug-2020
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Hi all,
It's been years since I've been on TC so I thought it's about time I put a new car in my showroom.
Quick story behind the car!
I bought a Porsche 959 from a guy several years ago so I went to his house to collect it and got chatting away as you do !
At some point I must have mentioned to him that my first RC car was the Lambo 58008, after an hour or so of him showing me his great collection of all things RC I had to leave with my NIB 959 when I stepped out the door he said hang on there a minute I have got something for you and he comes to the door with an original Countach body parts box and just hands it to me, I insisted to pay for it but he said it's a gift end of discussion & he said open it when you get home.
It turned out to be a Celica lb 58009 chassis and a started Countach body set in an interesting light metallic green.
The chassis was virtually unused so I have a new Celica body set that is going to adorn it eventually to get it back to its original form, so I have decided to put the Countach body on my new built 58005 chassis that I made up years ago.
It took quite some time to restore this old Countach body to this but I have always wanted one in a vibrant red!
There are still a few little details to do on it but those can wait for now.
Boxart blue/gold is coming next for my other 58005 chassis, this time though it's a NIB body set so hopefully no drama's !
Hope you like the red guys !

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Vintage Countach with lights !!!




Very nice indeed!



That is perfect! The paint finish is amazing. Enjoy the Lambo!

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